A dress for every day in December

I recently opened my boutique and have become more and more concerned about the high human and environmental costs we pay for cheap food and clothing. In my previous life as a nutritionist and medical herbalist, I have managed to strike the right balance of knowing where my food comes from, but what about my clothes?

In the shop I have tried to support local makers as well as sourcing brands that work with manufacturers that guarantee  best practices in the process. Conscience clear you might think? I like many others have been watching what is happening around the world in shock  but it has also given me the desire to do something positive to help redress the balance.

So when I stumbled upon the Dressember foundation it felt the right thing to do.

As women take on the challenge of wearing a dress for the 31 days of December, they are advocating for the inherent dignity of all women and raising the awareness against worldwide human trafficking and modern slavery.

According to The Fashion Globe 

"Slavery in the fashion world can appear in a variety of forms from harvesting the cotton for a t-shirt, spinning the fibre to yarn, sewing the garment and modelling the final product. The difference between slavery and extremely exploitative labour can be vague and the fashion industry walks a fine line"


I hope over the next 31 days I can raise awareness of this issue and raise some funds for the two charities involved, The a21 campaign who's aim is to end human trafficking and the International Justice Mission who work to rescue victims of slavery

Please support this worthwhile foundation, by spreading the word, raising awareness, donating money or send me a dress to wear and I will sell it at a fashion show I have planned. All the money from the dresses sold will be donated.





Even our christmas tree is a dress!!