Should we be dressing our age?

Last week I had a 92 year old customer in the shop buying a gift for her sister's 90th birthday. She bought her a top by Molly Brown, it was navy blue lace with a pattern trim on the bottom and sleeves, modern, handmade and dare I say it "younger". This got me thinking what does dressing your age really mean? Do I do it?  Should I be doing it?

The last time I was bothered about dressing in the height of fashion, I was wearing a rah rah dress, odd fluorescent ankle socks, leg warmers and deely boppers.  I was a teenager and it really mattered that I looked like everyone else. Now I choose my clothes not because I care about fitting in with everyone else my age, but how they fit in with my lifestyle and ultimately because I like and feel comfortable in them. (Although I did get married in a red wedding dress so perhaps less concerned than many anyway)

The great Vivienne Westwood said "Buy less, choose well, make it last" A great piece of advice, I still have dresses in my wardrobe that I bought in my 20's and would still wear today if only I got out more!!

What we choose to wear regardless of age should be about style and not age, it's about finding good quality pieces  that can be worn over and over agin, that suit our shape, colouring and lifestyle, and that we feel great in. Having read many articles about this, many very contradictory, the best advice about dressing your age I could figure was, as your body shape, hair colour etc changes adjust your styles and colours to suit, because your clothes can make you look 10 years older equally as 10 years younger. Other than that, wear what you like, life is too short after all isn't it?

Due to the locality I get a huge age range in the shop and sell the clothing across the board which makes me happy. As a mother of 2 young children and now in my 40's I most certainly am not going to change the way I dress because I am getting older,but might naturally change things as a consequence of ageing i.e high heels and sore backs after carrying 2 children about for years. So hold off getting that purple rinse ladies it's not quite time to hang up your miniskirts if you don't want to!!!


This Molly Brown top now belongs to a 90 year old lady x

This Molly Brown top now belongs to a 90 year old lady x